June 17, 2018

Off-Road Triathlon 2018

Course Map

Course Description

The XTERRA Albay 2018 will have a new exciting challenging race course. The swim, bike, run, transition area will now have a new home in Legazpi Boulevard.

The full distance will comprise of a 1.5km two swim loop 750meter course. Participants exit the swim and enter transition in Legazpi Boulevard. This will be followed by 28km bike comprised of two loops of a 14km bike course. The race ends with a 8km trail run comprised of a two loop 4km run course.

The lite distance will comprise of 750 meter one swim loop. Exiting the same transition as the full. This is followed by a 14km bike loop course. Followed by a 4km trail run loop course.

There will be two hydration stations in the bike, found at the half way point and just before the end point of the loop. For the run course there will be three hydration stations per loop spaced every 1km to 1.5km apart.

The swim will be in the waters fronting the Legazp Boulevard. Exiting the swim participant will enter transition and head to the bike course and run course.

The bike and run course will comprise of mixed trails with technical and rolling terrain in the surrounding area. The course takes participants to the different Brgy such as Puro, Taysan, Lamba, Buraguis and Maslog. Ending the race in Legazpi Boulevard.

The XTERRA, duathlon will follow the same race course starting and ending in Legazpi Boulevard. It starts with a 2km single loop run, followed by a single 14km bike loop course. It will then be followed by a single 4km run loop course ending the race in Legazpi Boulevard.

Full Distance

Lite Distance

Duathlon Distance


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